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Jennifer Glover

Jennifer Glover Heating Oil Customer

“PriceLayer is a completely innovative idea. I have spent years buying heating oil with little or no savings. My friends and family are all signed up with PriceLayer, so we can make significant savings on our home heating oil from now on.”

Ross Patterson - Patterson Oil

Ross Patterson - Patterson Oil Heating Oil Supplier

Patterson Oil

"Here at Patterson Oil, we have invested heavily in operational efficiency. PriceLayer’s group buying platform is a game-changer, enabling us to service customers more efficiently than ever! Being ‘on board’ with PriceLayer saves us considerable time and money. Our customers see this benefit, not only by saving on their heating oil, but by receiving a swifter delivery service. PriceLayer is a win win for consumers and suppliers alike. "

You may have to buy heating oil, but you DON’T have to pay full price any more or wait weeks for an oil club to deliver to your street!


Here’s how it works:

1After you place your individual heating oil order, PriceLayer intelligently groups that order with other orders in your community into a single bulk order. It takes as few as 10 orders in a 1 mile radius to create a bulk order, so a bulk order can happen in a single street. PriceLayer’s bulk order sizes are designed to maximise your savings and minimise the time it takes to form a bulk order.
2To help speed up the formation of bulk orders in your community, you can spread the word to lots of your friends, family and neighbours using Facebook, email, Twitter, LinkedIn, SMS and Whatsapp (if using a mobile device) and more. With Pricelayer’s sharing app, the time it takes to form a bulk order can be less than an hour, easily beating the multi-week delivery cycles used by most oil buying clubs!
3Once a bulk order has formed, all licensed oil companies with depots within a 20 mile radius are automatically invited to bid to win the order in a true, transparent, competitive market place. On average, 18 oil companies are invited to bid on the bulk order. There are 703 depots in the PriceLayer database, or about 98% of all UK oil companies’ depots. The bidding auction ends after 1 business day and the lowest price wins! The lowest cost supplier then supplies your order in accordance with the delivery instructions for your order and account.
4You can then re-order with a few clicks, to be fulfilled during a future delivery window YOU specify. Don’t worry if you need it sooner or later than you originally thought, you can edit your future delivery schedule any time you like and our email alerts keep you updated as your delivery window approaches. This automates your oil buying, at the best market price, delivered when you want it. That’s one less thing for you to worry about and more money in your pocket!

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Group buying savings?

Regular payment plans?

Discounted boiler maintenance?

Free to join?

Buying power level

Lowest costs via automated order batching and matching 

Transparent fees, costs and relationships

Efficient, competitive market place gives the lowest possible price

Instant offer notifications enable you to choose the deal that suits you

Absence of potential conflicts of interest in choice of oil supplier

Crowd sourced feedback identifies the best sellers

Buy in bulk along side commercial buyers to save more

Set and forget automated recurring ordering at best market price








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How it works for buyers

When you place an order for home heating oil on PriceLayer, your order is pooled with orders nearby to create a SINGLE BULK ORDER.


How it works for sellers

Local heating oil companies make an offer to supply the ENTIRE BULK ORDER at a SUBSTANTIAL DISCOUNT. The larger the bulk order, the bigger the discount they offer to win ALL the business.

PriceLayer’s marketplace makes heating oil companies more efficient and saves consumers time and money.

So place your order NOW and tell your friends, family and neighbours to join you to save money together!

So many ways to save

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    Joining PriceLayer is absolutely FREE.

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    Help the environment through less pollution and energy use.

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    Save BIG with unbeatable prices in a true, transparent, competitive market place without the delays of oil clubs!

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    Let ALL your friends, family and neighbours know about the newer, smarter way to buy heating oil with a few clicks using our sharing app at the end of the order process.

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    Stop wasting time searching for the best home heating oil deals. PriceLayer helps the best deals come to YOU!

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    Order with Confidence – All PriceLayer’s UK suppliers are licensed by HMRC as Registered Distributors of Controlled Oils. Unlicensed operators cannot supply on PriceLayer.

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